Empowering Ginger &
Turmeric Silk Cleanser
Paige Ryan Beauty
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  • Description
    Balance, tone and shrink pores with the combined super-ingredients in this silky cleanser that is suitable for all skin types.
    Ginger is a root superfood that has skin rejuvenation properties.  Using it directly on the skin has major anti-aging benefits, as it helps to protect against free radical damage.  It possesses both antioxidant properties and a toning effect.  Turmeric, a cousin to ginger, is an anti-inflammatory root that helps to balance the skin’s pH and provide a healing effect and shrink pores. 
    Other beneficial ingredients this cleanser holds are grapefruit seed oil and rose oil.  As a natural antimicrobial agent, grapefruit seed oil can help fight acne, while rose oil is soothing, soft and reduces inflammation.
    This white, silk cleanser is soft and mild with just a hint of turmeric and citrus essential oil fragrance.
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